Opinion : Imagine if a lemon law penalized schools for rotten educations

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Opinion : Imagine if a lemon law penalized schools for rotten educations

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It is important to make the context clear at the time of localisation, apart from just translating the concept into the game. Getting the language translator team involved early on will help to reduce last minute translation abnormalities. Cultural attitudes change with time, so it is important to factor the current events to ensure that a video game is well received by the target country or region. At some point, the developer needs to be told to freeze the text so that the language translator can fill the text boxes without any confusion. Encourage the language translators to ask questions on 'why' and 'how' to ensure that they understand the concept. Understand the cultural differences from the beginning of the video game making process will help the developers to get the idea spot on and hasten the development process. Share biographies of the characters in the game as this will assist the language translators to showcase the characters better when translating the content. Use customer reviews at the testing level to help fans to give their inputs for the complete translation experience. To ensure that you meet this criterion and rely heavily on a translation service which will do more than just translate the text. Try Mayflower Translation Services; they offer translation services that will bring you peace of mind when developing a video game to sell across geographies.
In 1763, a British army general ordered that blankets used on smallpox patients be sent to American Indian tribes. British Revolutionary War troops would also infect themselves with traces of smallpox, rendering themselves immune, in hopes of passing the disease along to the enemy. During World War I, Germans infected livestock headed for the Allies with anthrax. Even though the attack proved to be unsuccessful, it led to the creation of the Geneva Protocol in 1925. This prohibited the use of biological and chemical agents during wartime, while allowing research and development of these agents to continue. The British and German armies may have dabbled in biological warfare, but the Japanese went full steam ahead in the years that preceded World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians were killed by biological means at the hands of the Japanese army. One of these attacks included dropping paper bags containing plague-infested fleas from low-flying airplanes.
Thirty-one units weren't operating due to periodic inspections. With 75 percent of its electricity from nuclear energy, France is tres serious about nuclear power. It's not surprising then that three nuclear power plants on this list are located on French soil. Cattenom, whose four reactors sit on a site in Normandy bordering Germany and Luxembourg, is the third largest power plant in France in terms of net capacity. Cattenom's location has created some uneasiness among its neighbors, however. Its close proximity to Luxembourg, a country that has no nuclear facilities, makes Luxembourg's health and policy experts particularly vigilant regarding nuclear reactor safety. A nuclear accident at its doorstep isn't something Luxembourg would like to see happen in the future. Although reactors at the facility underwent and passed a recent stress test, the Luxembourg health ministry remained unconvinced that Cattenom does not pose a significant safety risk. These concerns precipitated further investigation and review by French authorities and organizations with expertise on reactors and industrial sites.
Optimus Prime in biped form, from "The Transformers" movie.See more pictures of robots. Without a doubt, the HowStuffWorks staff is anxious about the upcoming "Transformers" movie. We don't just wonder whether it will be good. We wonder whether we'll see robots with Transformers' capabilities during our lifetimes. While full-scale Transformers seem a little implausible -. Impractical - it turns out that some existing robots have a lot in common with Transformers. In this article, we'll explore what these transforming robots look like, how they work and how they're similar to Transformers like Optimus Prime. We'll begin with an analysis of Prime himself. He's enormous and impressive, but could he ever be real? To find out, we asked engineer Michael D. Belote what it would take to build a full-scale tractor-trailer that can convert into a bipedal robot. In other words, what would it take to make a life-sized version of Optimus Prime? Some self-reconfiguring robots, or robots that can change their shapes to perform different tasks, exist today.
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