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How precarious is Range's position

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How precarious is Range's position

Post Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:42 pm


I missed the second page of the quarterlies and have only recently had a read at it. We were told that one of the things(possibly one of many) was the lack of storage facilities to allow a constant oil production. Well we know have the extra storage - will the next quarterlies show a decent rise in bopd? That will be a test.
A lot being said about debt and Land Ocean. Land Ocean's options might be limited. In a similar situation with Anterra they forced Anterra into administration and lost big time. Land Ocean hoped to pick up the assets for peanuts but the appointed administrator had other options and Anterra ended up with no assets and more importantly no money. Is a working RRL worth more on Land Oceans ledgers than an added deficit?
Then we have Georgia. History shows that the chances of success are slim but then the chance of $20 million might hold back creditors in a similar position to and including LO

So is RRL a short time basket case or a long term one. If it is the later is it worth a gamble at it's current price?
Can't wait to read the LSE comments on this one :-)
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Re: How precarious is Range's position

Post Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:06 pm

Hi Ned

I personally think Range are just running down the clock now. Theres no more fundraising & no more cash left to bolster the depleting wells in Trin. Slowely the bopd will go down, and down (imo)

Not sure what LO can do & I'm sure this court case over $20m ish is again trying to buy time.

IF there was a roll of dice left then Range might we worth a small punt but imo the dice has gone

As for LSE, lol, the 1x troll controlling that board (Seangullpieman + loadsamony + sean56) are all same person.
Here you know that exact same person as martini069 and lewisyfawr & previously as yuff
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