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FDBK Feedback Plc

Post Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:41 am

Well worth a look for anybody looking to diversify their portfolio away from oil stocks. Great company with huge potential. Very successful worldwide research trials by well respected medical institutions and professionals, including the NHS, who recently released an NHS alert highlighting the product potential. Worldwide product sales and business partnership agreements, including with Siemens (for CT/MRI scanners) Allianze medical group to name a couple, and in many countries (China, US, S Korea, Australia, Canada, UK, EU etc)

They are now cash generative (current annual sales of £500,000) as highlighted by Alan Green on the sharepickers podcast of 3 February, 32 minutes into podcast. Half yearly results due this month, confirmed by the company. ... =361848946

Basically, the software improves the accuracy of analysis on CT/MRI/X-rays (Which most people get as standard if taken into hospital, no extra cost), enabling more accurate, earlier diagnosis and targeted treatment, obviously critical in life threatening illnesses, as well as being more efficient reducing the time spent on image analysis by the medical teams. Currently scan results are analysed by the naked eye.

Very small free float (60% held by the BOD, 30% by people associated with the company) so hard to buy in big chunks.

I do hold here and have been building on my holding recently, crazy spread though as they are hard to buy in volume.

Some great research out there!

Good luck
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